About Brainv2

Brainv2 is an online project with the intention to help people to enhance their cognitive skills. Being a gaming platform it offers you online games to train your working memory, attention and flexibility. It also allows you to track your results and watch your progress what is supposed to motivate you to train more.

Unlike other similar projects we provide trainings for free so everybody can grow independently on material status and age.


Currently we offer only few games. But we're working on more. Unlike other projects that provide flash games, we build our games based on HTML5 and CSS3 web technologies and that means you don't need nothing else except you browser to start training.

It's very important for us to have your feedback, so if you found something that can be improved please let us know!


We gather the most interesting information and facts about human brain, productivity and education and publish them in our blog so everybody can use the knowledges to make his or her life better. We would also share different tricks how to increase performance and solve some time management and motivation problems. So read on!

People behind

For now the project is being developed and maintained by only one person. My name is Sergey Potapov and I am a software developer who is interested in self development and self education. I am also an open source enthusiast, some of my projects can be found at Github .

Despite the fact I did the most job, the project would never look like it does without my friends, who give me the very first feedback and support me. I would like to thank Elena Bodnarchuk for marking the webpage design and Pylypenko Roman for the html markup.