How to enhance peripheral vision for speed reading

By Sergey | April 06, 2014

Peripheral vision for speed reading

Quickly and efficiently reading information in the Digital Age is a vital skill to have. Everyday, we are bombarded with thousands of lines of text. Whether it be by email, text message, social networks or online articles, text is all around us. Developing skills to effectively skim information for important content can save one valuable time that may be better spent with family, resting or hobbies.

According to experts, the average human being is capable of reaching reading speeds of 1000 words per minute (or more) given the proper training. Meanwhile, the average adult is limited by habit to only reading roughly the same speed as when they initially learnt to read... a meager 200 words per minute. This article will outline the importance of expanding peripheral vision which is a necessary step towards increasing reading speed.

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New game to train peripheral vision

By Sergey | March 13, 2014

Coins - trainer for peripheral vision

Today we release a new game, Coins. It is a trainer to extend peripheral vision, an ability to see objects out of the center of gaze. It's very important skill for drivers and it is required to master speed reading as well. We hope you will enjoy the game!

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