What brainv2 is about?

By Sergey | March 10, 2014

Memory - online game for brain to train memory

We are glad to announce brainv2 is finally released! W have done a huge work to make it start. Let us introduce the project.

Intention of the project

Brain fitness is a pretty popular subject among number of today's startups. Unlike other services brainv2 provides brain trainings for free. We believe that everybody must be able to improve their cognitive abilities.

Also we would like to explore HTML5 with CSS3 and see what we can really build with it. Being web developers we hate flash.

Memorix - game to train spatial recall

Please try out our first game - Memorix. It's a good exercise for you memory. Try to remember all red tiles and then open them correctly. Every new level is more challenging and adds a new red tile. After playing few games you will be able to track your progress.

Online memory game results

Coming soon

It's only the first step. Stay with us for more. Very soon we will released more exciting games to challenge you brain!